Pray Until You Pray

You have God’s ear.

You, beloved Christian, have God’s ear. You can lift your voice and speak to the God of the universe. The God who holds all things in the palm of His hand – from the unsearched depths of the Mariana Trench, to the intricate design of every snowflake falling on Mount Everest – this God gives you His ear. What a magnificent reality! The One who sits enthroned in the highest Heavens, far above any distance our finite minds can comprehend, hears even the faintest whisper from the heart of His child. Though He is high and holy, He is also near and lowly. 

His gaze is upon you. 
His heart is for you. 
His ear is yours.

Prayer is the precious, blood-bought gift of being able to offer up your voice to the One who is always listening. He hears you – not reluctantly, but intentionally. By His divine design. Because of His lavish love. Like a perfect Father listening to His child: eagerly, tenderly, patiently. 

In prayer, you set your gaze upon Him.
You re-orient your heart’s affections toward Him.
You give yourself to your God who has already given everything to you. 

There is a miraculous gift wrapped up in the simple – yet supernatural – act of addressing our words God-ward. Our motivation is never duty, but delight. We don’t pray because we have to, we pray because we get to. There are innumerable methods, processes and formulas for prayer, but the Puritans put it most simply: ‘Pray until you pray.’ 

You, dear child, have God’s ear. You are invited to draw near to your Heavenly Father. Let your voice offer up all that is in your heart. Adore Him for who He is. Thank Him for all that He has given you. Confess your weaknesses. Ask of Him that which you need. Rejoice as you remember that He hears it all, and delights to give good gifts to His children.

Quite simply, today, pray until you pray.

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