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Top Reads from 2023

Each year, I post my reading list along with those books I personally enjoyed or [...]

Pray Until You Pray

You have God’s ear. You, beloved Christian, have God’s ear. You can lift your voice [...]

Why I Love Tim Keller and Once Threw His Book Across the Room

Once, I threw a Tim Keller book across the room and I had only read [...]

Acts 29: Global Church Planting Network

Acts 29 exists to plant healthy, multiplying churches all across the world. We believe that the [...]

A Conversation With The Creator

Have you everTalked To the Author of language? ListenedTo the OneWhose handsMade your ear? Seen [...]

Three Goals for Every Christian

In Philippians 3:10, Paul articulates a three-fold prayer that ought to shape the heart of [...]

The Silence of Holy Saturday

One of the most important questions that we will ever face is this: How will [...]

A Gospel Poem by Milton Vincent

Beholding the heavens, I now understandGod measured them allwith the breadth of His hand.He fashioned [...]

Good News for Recovering Control Freaks

In 1866, when John Paton arrived with his family to the New Hebrides in the [...]

The Enduring Friendship of Jesus (A word from the Spurgeon)

Most of us have experienced the painful loss of a friend. Whether they moved away, [...]