Our Model

A family of interdependent, self-sustaining, church-planting churches.

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The Liberti Collective

Interdependent Churches: Unified yet Localised

Each Liberti Church has certain attributes that are localized, and others that are shared. These are not independent churches that do as they please, nor are they campuses which are bottlenecked by over- centralization. Our aim is to build a family of interdependent churches that are governed in an ultimate sense by Christ and His Word, in a local sense by a plurality of biblically qualified elders, in a strategic sense by a plurality of Lead Pastors, and in a contextual sense by the vision and values of Liberti Church as a whole.

Being a family of interdependent churches means that we do everything possible to empower local churches with authority, while retaining enough shared attributes to resource, support, and catalyse better local mission and ministry. The primary place this interdependence is expressed is among our Lead Pastors.

Self-Sustaining Churches: Financially Generous and Locally Led

Each Liberti Church is devoted to becoming financially and pastorally self-sustaining. So while sharing some things, locally each Liberti Church also commit to:
• Being led by a Lead Pastor, who is the primary preacher for that church.
• Raising up a local team of Pastors/Elders, led by their Lead Pastor as a ‘first among equals.’ The primary purpose of this team to “shepherd the flock of God that is among you,” (1 pEt. 5:2-3) while “equipping the saints for the work of the ministry, for building up the body of Christ” (Eph. 4:12).
• Identifying and launching localised ministries that bless their surrounding community, which the local leadership team is responsible for identifying, developing, & implementing.
• Practicing gospel-giving and generosity at a local level into their own account, with the goal of becoming financially self-sustaining. A small percentage of this – dependent upon church size/health – is then given into a central fund that covers shared expenses that benefit all our churches.
• Giving away 10% of their general giving to local and global church planting efforts.

Church-Planting Churches: Measuring Success through Sending

Liberti is deeply committed to spreading the gospel through planting churches that will in turn plant churches. Every Liberti Church begins with the vision and language of multiplication in their DNA, and commits, by the grace of God, to sending out a new church plant within their first five years. Beyond the number of people in seats on a Sunday, we desire to measure success for a local church primarily through its ability to self-replicate and send out future healthy churches and church planters. Each Liberti Church commits itself to assessment by and affiliation with the Acts 29 Network; a diverse, global family of church-planting churches.