Sermon Series – Ruth

Join us at Liberti Church Carrara for our inspiring sermon series on the Book of Ruth, a profound narrative of redemption, loyalty, and the sovereignty of God amidst the darkest of times. Nestled in the tumultuous era of the Judges, Ruth’s story unfolds during a period marked by moral and spiritual decline, where “everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” Yet, against this backdrop of chaos and despair, Ruth emerges as a beacon of hope and faithfulness.

As we journey through this ancient narrative, we will explore the lives of Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz—ordinary individuals through whom God orchestrates His extraordinary purposes. From the depths of tragedy and loss experienced by Naomi and Ruth in Moab to the redeeming love found in the fields of Bethlehem, their story is a testament to God’s unfailing hesed love—His loyal, faithful, covenantal kindness that endures even in the midst of suffering.

This series will delve into themes of providence, redemption, and the subtle yet powerful ways God works behind the scenes of our lives. We will see how Ruth, a Moabite widow, becomes part of God’s grand narrative, leading to the lineage of King David and ultimately to the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Through her loyalty and Boaz’s kindness, we catch glimpses of the greater story of God’s redemptive plan for humanity.

“Redeeming Love: The Story of Ruth” invites us to witness how God’s sovereignty and goodness prevail, transforming bitter circumstances into a story of hope and restoration. As we reflect on this historical love story, we are reminded that in the ordinariness of our lives, God is at work, weaving our stories into His eternal tapestry of grace. Let us come together to discover the depths of God’s redeeming love and be encouraged that no matter our current chapter, our story is held in the hands of a sovereign and loving God.

Sermon Slides:

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